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Divine Wealth Group -- Home of the 777 "Each One Teach One" Wealth Building System.

The 777 “Each One Teach One” WealthBuilding System is the first in a number of series that Divine Wealth Group is developing to bring about windows of opportunities for individuals looking for that niche or break, to move forward in life, and follow their dreams. Our goal is to develop wealth-building systems that are simple and affordable, and that truly works.

Getting Started

The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started.
–Mark Twain

History of Wealth Inequality

Throughout the history of mankind, the ruling class, monarchies, and government have always dictated the norms of our society, the rules of the law, and most of all, the distribution of wealth.

The ruling class, of course, rules the government and the government rules the people. What we have failed to recognize or taken for granted all these times are the ‘invisible barriers’ between rich and poor.

How is it that the rich always get richer and the poor poorer?

These are what we call the invisible barriers between rich and poor. The rich will always have the upper hand on which rules shall be governed, rules to protect their own wealth, influence to the most powerful, access to the best education, opportunities to increase their wealth in exponential form.

The poor, on the other hand, holds no power or influence, have very little to protect, have zero to none in obtaining the best education, and have very little opportunities in becoming wealthy.  Banks, buildings, private universities, real estate developers, and giant corporations are all powered by the rich. These are the ‘invisible barriers’ that divides our countries and society.

It is not until recently that there have been some major breakthroughs between these barriers. The technological advancement has allowed the suppressed to penetrate these barriers. Our technology today is beginning to bridge the gap between these two sides of our society. The have-nots are finally forging ahead, finding ways to breakthrough, gaining capital or wealth, a higher standard of living and access to top education.

Try Not To Become a Man of Success, but rather a Man of Value.

--Albert Einstein


 We sincerely believe that our wealth building system is another breakthrough- A Game Changer . We came up with a system that everyone can afford to participate in, help one another as a group, making sure no one is left behind. Call it a “The Money Machine .”

We have developed a system where the top-level must look out for those at the bottom level to stay on top; that the most important member in the whole system are the Starters in Level 1.

We have designed a system where the top becomes the bottom, and the bottom the top. By reversing what is considered the norm in our society, we have discovered a way where we can all spread the word and show each one how to break away from the norm or the status quo. As we grow, we become the Chain of Action; the chain of doing the right thing, the chain of compassion, the chain of liberty, and the chain of sharing. We become a society of common power, not “only for the few power.”

We become a society that uses wealth as means to an end not as an influence to maintain and abuse the power it brings; where someone’s access to the best education are those with purpose that improves and enhances our way of living; where every mankind benefits; a society that is no longer divided instead working together to serve a common purpose doing whatever it takes to end poverty, suppression, and deprivation of any man and woman’s potential capabilities.

No more handouts or social welfare; instead we create our own wealth as individuals, families, and community; no longer subjects of our own banks and big government of how much interest we pay, who can borrow and not borrow. We will no longer be ruled by them. Instead, we rely on each other as a group and as a society to help one another by creating our own wealth, no longer depending on our hard labor, controlled wages, and insufficient salaries and not allowing Big Government to dictate what social structure we fall under. IT CAN BE DONE!

As Long As You Know Who You Are and You Are True To It, Nothing else Matter.

–Tom Bilyeu

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